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How to add a Facebook Plugin to your website

Monday, February 4th, 2013

If you have a Facebook page setup for your business, make sure you have the Facebook plugin integrated on your website.  I often see websites with only a Facebook icon or a “Please find us on Facebook” graphic that links to their Facebook page, but that doesn’t allow someone to “Like” your business without having to leave your website.   You want to make it EASY for people to connect with your Facebook page – not have to take extra steps to do so.

Integrating the Facebook plugin is very easy and you can also customize how you want it to appear on your site.  The most basic widget (no faces, no stream, no header) would contain a thumbnail of your profile graphic, your business name, and the Like button.

To install, you would first go to your Facebook page and copy your entire Facebook URL.  You would do this by right clicking on your business name in one of your posts and copying the link.

Next, go to: and paste that URL in the first box.

Customize as you see fit and then click the button to “Get Code.”  You will need to be able to copy/paste the HTML code into your website.  Either send the code to your web developer or if you have a content management system that allows you to insert HTML code within the body, you can choose the IFRAME code and paste where you want it to appear.

By:  Beverly Calzada, Owner of eMerge Solutions, a Houston Web Design & SEO Company